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How To Practice Your Golf Game In The Winter
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How To Practice Your Golf Game In The Winter

Now that the weather is cold on us, it doesn't mean you have to deal with clubs. Sure, you may not be able to play often, but that doesn't mean you can't keep working on your game. Here are some tips to avoid re-studying the game when spring is here.

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A large hammock starts with a good grip. Learning the right neutral grip can be annoying. The easiest way to do this is to watch your favorite movie on TV. Before the show, grab a practice stick (preferably with a practice grip) and put your hands in the perfect position. When watching, you will focus more on the TV movie than you are on. When you run an ad, you get to the point. When the show starts again, put your hands on the club again. Because you are watching TV, you will not think how annoying it is to learn to behave properly. If you do it regularly in the winter, you will get the right neutral grip that you will manage with the arrival of the new season.


A good sports position requires effort. After a long workout, your body will try to put itself in a position that does not require much effort. This means that you can be placed in a position that is completely bent or not athletic. To solve this, try setting up a home exercise station with a full-length mirror (these can be purchased cheaply at Home Depot or Wal-Mart). Once you have the mirror, take the right position and ask a friend or partner to stick masking tape on the mirror, which shows the corner of your spine, and bend the bat - the knee. Continue setting up all winter to see if you have applied masking tape when you are in your set position. It's a quick way to make sure you don't get lost in the winter and lose setting angles.

The Full Swing

Long distances will also affect your overall mobility. To make a good shake requires you to roll up and develop your body properly. This action requires effort. For the rest of this game, you want to hit the ball as fast as possible. This means that you are trying to hit the ball with your hands, as opposed to circling and removing the body. To rotate and develop your body properly, simply grasp one of your sticks, brooms or weights (without weights) and hold the ends of the item as you place it on your shoulders. Then take your athletic position. From there, simply wrap your shoulders back in a circular motion clockwise and hold your side. Once you are firmly injured, unwind counterclockwise by turning your lower body to the other side. If you do this drill well, it's a thing on your shoulders like a rotating helicopter blades. If your club works in saw mode up and down, you are not good at winding and unwinding. Remember to make sure you imitate the helicopter's blades and feel tight when you spin. If you do, you will maintain the correct rotation and development of your body so that you do not have to just try to hit the ball with your hands next season.

Short game

As you know, short play is an important part of the game. Unfortunately, longer distractions can really get you out of any contact around vegetables. All you have to do to keep your short game sharp is practice a bit all winter. You must set up a white disk first. There are many cheap installation devices that will create an artificial golf hole that you can install at home (some even have a carpet exterior for those who do not have the right interior). Try to practice the wells as often as possible (especially short holes). If you have a friend or spouse who likes to play golf, try organizing competitions regularly. This will help you maintain a sharp stance during the new season. Second, you can use the same station to practice the cutting edge (if you don't have the right cutting surface, just find a carpet with 1 × 1 taller hair and place it on the floor for cutting). If you use a piece of carpet as I suggest, you can move it near or away from the hole to change the chip spacing. At the beginning of next season, you can get the ball close to the hole instead of leaving these chip shots on the green.

Finally, pitching can be really difficult if you don't practice for a long time. In the winter, I trained shots on an old upholstered chair. This game gave me a specific goal that I have to focus on. If you don't have such an old chair, you will always get a small bowling net in every golf shop. Do not simply place it or a chair in a place where you cannot break anything. Then use your little piece of carpet and set out on a journey to make sure you touch the vegetables.

To eliminate the beginning of the time delay, it only takes a little creativity and practice. Perhaps you will set up an exercise station at home and try some of the exercises I mentioned. It takes a little effort, but once the new season is over, you'll be glad you continued working on your game.

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