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Five Rules For Social Video Optimization
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Five Rules For Social Video Optimization

Social video sites such as YouTube, Yahoo Video, iFilm and blinkx are undeniably popular. YouTube alone receives over 65,000 uploaded videos and plays 100 million tracks daily. By 2010, video enthusiasts will be using 44 billion user-generated video clips. That's 55% of all video content that US consumers watch. In the future, user-created videos may appear on TV screens via cables or satellites.

YouTube has already announced the addition of the ability to share revenue with the creators of these video streams. Other sites may follow soon. You can monetize your video content and allow others to discover your skills and talents to do better jobs and other lucrative deals. To maximize the impact of your creativity, you need to know what kind of content you have in order to effectively create and present your content on your video sharing site.

Social video optimization is not about optimizing your video for a high search engine ranking (SEO). It makes your videos for others to enjoy and learn (people's interests), and videos on social video and social media sites for viewers to easily discover, bookmark and share for viral effects. Is to post.

  1. Provide benefits. Offer something that benefits others. It could be an interesting video clip, a series of "how-to" videos, unusual moments, and so on. Do not upload violent trucks. While these tracks are popular on video sharing sites, they usually don't bring real value to society. If violence has no journalistic value, don't accept it for fun. Interesting cuts are popular. Children and pets offer many opportunities to capture fun moments. If you have plumbing skills, please provide a series of short videos on how to fix things in the house. Computer professionals can develop the skills to develop short videos on how to set up a home network. There are many opportunities available. Find your niche and work in those areas. If you are a comedian, you can watch a short routine video. Eventually, you'll create a theme and create a series of videos based on each theme.

  2. Provides an enhanced viewing experience. People don't want to watch the whole movie on a video sharing site. The cut should not last longer than 10 minutes. Buy a cell phone with a good camera to capture the unexpected moments. Otherwise, use a digital video camera to create the track. Use free online video editing sites such as to cut video scenes and insert titles and sound effects.

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