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On Greatness
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On Greatness

There is a long way from mediocre to excellence. Common sense seems to suggest that the path from excellence to greatness is just as long. But I think greatness is a very different way to look for both mediocrity and excellence. Greatness is no closer to excellence than mediocrity. Bill Gates is great. Nelson Mandela is great. Bill earned his first $ 1 billion and had a computer on each desk while Nelson was suffering in prison. That is the difference.

True greatness can only come from personal tragedy. It's not the only ingredient, but it's essential. Even tragedy is not enough without choosing the right response. If you respond carefully (as most people do) by avoiding more pain and devoting your life to shrinking the world, you realize that you are not the imagination you need to find risk. Probably. .. It's worth taking and even if you find it, you don't have the courage to risk it.

You can definitely call me a crying child. Sometimes anyway. Life is too harsh, especially the emotional kind of pain. My heart is broken, people betray me, my hopes are shattered over and over again, I climb to the summit over and over again and are thrown away again. If life gets a little easier … but in my heart, I know that even if it gets easier, I'm not satisfied. I'm only happy if things are … perfect. I think we all crave the perfect world. Believers want one, agnostics crave one, and atheists want to stop thinking about it. Now let's do a thought experiment. What if the world was really perfect? What if there was no war or poverty, everyone was beautiful and healthy, we all lived forever, no one had acne, everyone loved each other, and no one was pinching their noses. This is the biggest challenge for professional winners. Finding something wrong in the perfect world. But I accept the challenge. There is one thing that is missing in perfect words. It's the type of person that heaven can't produce.

Heroes are born of adversity. There is no adversity in the perfect world, so there are no heroes in the perfect world, only a soft, fuzzy whisper that lasts less than 30 minutes in a Louisiana cotton field. Of course, you can argue that you don't need a hero in a perfect world. This world doesn't really need the Grand Canyon or the Himalayas, but it's definitely great …

Without fear, there can be no courage. Without the possibility of betrayal, there can be no true commitment to others. And if you are not familiar with despair, you will not know the true joy. Find something incomparably beautiful with a strong, noble personality: a nail that refuses to be crushed. When I'm depressed or angry about how life treats me, I try to remember that one day I have to be calm and excited. Because every dream I dreamed of will come true one by one. But who will I be? All of these are currently being decided. This short millisecond from birth to death is the only chance for me to stand firm forever and test myself, despite adversity. If he said everything, I just hope he proved to be right for him.

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